Promenade - a painting of a French street with two elegant French people


Promenade - 2010

  • an original painting on stretched 16" x 20" canvas - SOLD at exhibition.

A painting created from photographs I took of an elegantly dressed couple in France whilst on holiday many years ago.

Sometimes I see a scene, or a person, group of people or even animals and I have to take a photograph and then, sometime, sometimes years later, create an original painting from it. This French scene was just one of those instances. 

Whilst all around people strode here and there wearing bright colours; the ubiquitous blues of jeans, bright tops, emblazoned trainers, this elderly couple in their restrained blacks and muted hues walked quietly, almost as though they were visitors there from a bygone age. 

Lovely, a memory that will remain with me always - and if you have a photograph or an idea that haunts your memory why not contact me now, before you forget, using the contact box below and I promise I'll get back to you, and there will be no commitment on your part.

Pat B-W
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