One glorious, intimate study of bluebells spread over two canvasses


Bluebell diptych

One glorious, intimate study of bluebells spread over two canvasses - one measuring 24" x 24" and the other 12" x 24".

These can be hung together, as shown above, or separately so that one is higher than the other or even on different walls, in different rooms etc. One thing I've seen done is to have them on separate walls but close together in the corner so that they still form a single image. 

On the smallholding, where we lived in west Wales, we were lucky enough to have regular spring showings of these lovely flowers under the ancient woodland there as well as along the even more ancient hedges. 

Now, in the home we moved to in October 2019 which has a garden ending in fields, we have planted a small copse of thirteen silver birch trees, two alders and a bird cherry and planted hundreds of bluebells beneath them - which is a small number compared to the thousands of crocuses we've planted since we've been here to provide spring feed to enable our hives of honey bees to begin feeding their new brood just that bit earlier in the year. 

Pat B-W
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