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My husband, Richard, and I first began keeping honey bees back in the early 1980s and often have small numbers of very good quality native or very near native dark honey bees for sale.

These are normally sold as nucs (nucleus colonies) on five frames with ample stores, a laying queen and brood in all stages - that's eggs, larvae and sealed brood and they should be placed in a full British National (or WBC) hive very soon after collecting them from us as they will expand rapidly. We might, very occasionally, also have Warré starter colonies for sale - please ask if interested.

We've put the price of the nucleus colonies here but please do contact us before placing your deposit to make certain we will have some available and to allow us to reserve one or more for you..

Two prices are shown:
  1. Nucs with a last year's queen. These are proven layers of gentle workers and have also proven they can take a colony through a winter - normally available late April through early May on and . . .
  2. Nucs with a this year's queen. Though younger they are, of course, less proven although if we have any doubts at all we don't include her. Availability of these is very dependent on the weather and successful matings but would be later than overwintered queens.
A non-returnable deposit will need to be placed to hold one or more colonies for you for a length of time to be agreed by us and you would need to collect from our pick up point on a date and at a time convenient to us. Details will be given for both options. 

Colonies are normally supplied in a reusable and very useful Corex style 'plastic' five frame nuc box which is yours to keep and will be a great backup for you for years to come. 

Please feel free to use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page for any queries or questions and I or Richard will be pleased to answer. 

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Collection by prior arrangement from my studio-gallery in Wales is free of charge and, currently, delivery to mainland UK addresses is also free for all products advertised here  on my online gallery. This may change without notice.

Simply contact me to request shipping to other destinations or to ask any questions, I'd love to hear from you.

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