Special and occasional offers

Artworks and items produced for exhibitions and shows that were cancelled due to Covid etc.

Sometimes . . . 

Although I don't go below prices stated at my exhibitions or on my websites I do, just sometimes, have stock prepared for one event that doesn't come off - Covid has been responsible for a lot of that as you can imagine - and I will sometimes be prepared to offer items for sale, either at the price I was intending to charge at the event or time or somewhere between that and the prices I charge now.

This is a great opportunity and can result in substantial savings but it's normally limited to a finite number of artworks, prints, cards etc. and when they are gone the only alternatives will usually be at the current prices stated on this website and on my price lists - which still represent great value. 
Below you will find a list of some of my current items offered on that basis - enjoy - but be quick, as each item is sold it will be deleted from the offer. Other items might later be offered as I go through the stocks I prepared for shows (which I will not be hosting) so do bookmark this page and visit often if you would like to own some of my work at a discount.