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Pat Bullen-Whatling


Tiger - The Last Stare

Catalogue No.:



Digital print.















Tiger - The Last Stare - TigerTLS-001 is a study of the soul of a tiger. Showing little more than its eyes, eyes that perhaps reflect a hostile world, this image holds the viewer as a real tiger's gaze might hold the its admirer - or its prey - unable to break away from the beauty, the power, the awful thing that a tiger is, by which I mean a creature that strikes awe into the soul of the onlooker.

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And why 'The Last Stare'? Well, what is going through the mind of this wonderful beast? Is it the last stare before it turns away to disappear into the forest - a once in a lifetime's chance view? Is it the last, riviting stare before you, the viewer, see this Earth no more? Or, tragically, is it the Long Last Stare of a disappearing wonder? Whatever, it's eyes are difficult to turn away from.

The larger this print is the more amazing it looks.

Tiger-The Long Last Stare-LB.jpg

Hint: When you click on the image above (which brings up an enlargement) hold down the Ctrl key on your computer (for Windows anyway), this key is bottom left of all keys on most keyboards and, holding this down, hit the + key repeatedly . . .

And fill your screen with tiger!!!

Tiger-The Long Last Stare-Framed.jpg

Click on the image above to see a framed example only

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