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When you request your free trial of any artwork on this site I’ll send you, completely free of charge, the image file you’re interested in in four sections, each designed to fit on an A4 sheet. Simply print these out on your own printer, fit them together and position them on your wall. The image quality is low* but it does give you some idea.

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* A note on image quality.

The file (divided into four A4 sheets) that I send you won’t look great. This saves download time and ink (from your own printer). It’s probably best to admire it from the far side of the room - and perhaps squint a bit.

However even if you had access to the extremely large, ultra-high quality image I use in my commercial print runs you still could never hope to come close to the quality I achieve when using the average type of colour printer found in the home.

The average home printer might cost somewhere between £50 - £100 and though it produces very good images it cannot compete with the 24” wide-bed x up to 50’ long printer I use. This is a commercial grade machine costing around £2000.00 and uses inks that cost around £350 - £400 to replace.

Also the ink itself it extremely high quality commercial

grade and so is the print media I use. But don’t take

my word for it. Click the link to the right to visit the

world renowned wilhelm-research group - and be amazed.

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