contemporary and fine art

My galleries are as follows:


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Mail:'ve discovered this great artist and I think you'd love her too!&body=Hi,

I've just discovered this online art gallery featuring the work of the artist Patricia (Pat) Bullen-Whatling:

and it's honestly well worth a visit, I think you'd love it.

Do let me know what you think and if you subscribe to her newsletters!

Kindest regards.

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Hares Boxing-01

Hares Boxing-01

Labrador Black-01

Labrador Black-01

Buddy the Spaniel-001

Buddy the Spaniel-001

Larkspur Meadow-01 Fireweed & Yarrow  Meadow-01

Fireweed & Yarrow  Meadow-01

Nature's Garden-01

Nature’s Garden-01

The Last Stare

The Last Stare



Highland Cattle-01

Highland Cattle-001

Ethnic Colour Pattern-Yellow-01

Ethnic Colour Pattern-Yellow-01

Still Life with Pearls and Beads-3310-2880

Still Life with Pearls and Beads-3310-2880

dragonfly laying-01

Dragonfly Laying Eggs-01

Celtic Circle Dawn 01

Celtic Circle Dawn-01

Sinuous Female-01

Sinuous Female-01 Still Life with Beads-Pearls and box - PPSL-3304-2872

Still Life with Beads-Pearls and box - PPSL-3304-2872

Loving couple 01

Loving couple 01



Nude-leaning back-001-Montage

Brecon Castle Hotel-01

Shadows on the skateboard ramp-02

Water Lilies-01

Brecon Centre-01

Best Laid Plans

Brecon Wellington in Colour-01

Lichen on Tree Bark-01

Brecon Antiques-01

Nude Female Torso-in Sepia

Brecon Ship Street-01


Llandeilo Hill-01

Bracelet on a Bangle-01

Girl with balloons and red door

Brecon Ship Street-02

Nude Female Torso-Montage-03

Water Lilies and Dragonflies

Shadows on the skateboard ramp-01

Still Life with egg cups and beads-02

Llanelly House-Llanelli-01

Llanelli Red Apple Restaurant-01

Nude Female Torso-in Graphite

Pen and Ink-Llangathen Church-02

Brecon in colour-01

Dragonfly in Flight-01

Dr Who-Cyberman & Tardis-01

Pearls Beads & a Box-01

Pen and Ink-The Golden Grove Inn-Llanarthne-01

Pen and Ink-The Golden Grove Inn-Llanarthne-01

Repository-02 - Page 2 of 2

Brecon Castle Hotel-01Brecon Antiques-01Brecon Ship Street-02Brecon Wellington in Colour-01Brecon Ship Street-01Woodland-01Water Lilies-01Brecon Centre-01Brecon in colour-01Llandeilo Hill-01Llanelli Red Apple Restaurant-01Llanelly House-Llanelli-01Dragonfly in Flight-01Dr Who-Cyberman-Tardis-01

My galleries are as follows:

Nude-leaning_back-001-MontageGirl with balloons and red doorBest Laid PlansShadows on the skateboard ramp-02Lichen on Tree Bark-01Nude Female Torso-in SepiaBracelet on a Bangle-01Nude Female Torso-Montage-03Water Lilies and Dragonflies-01Shadows on the skateboard ramp-01Still Life with egg cups and beads-02Nude Female Torso-in GraphitePearls Beads and Box-01Llangathen Church-02NextBack

Larkspur Meadow-01

Purple Loosestrife & Poppies Meadow

Lichen on a Gravestone-01

Purple Loosestrife & Poppies Meadow Pen and Ink-The Bridge-Llandeilo-01 Pen and Ink The Golden Grove Inn-Llanarthne-01