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My galleries are as follows:


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Mail:'ve discovered this great artist and I think you'd love her too!&body=Hi,

I've just discovered this online art gallery featuring the work of the artist Patricia (Pat) Bullen-Whatling:

and it's honestly well worth a visit, I think you'd love it.

Do let me know what you think and if you subscribe to her newsletters!

Kindest regards.

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Highland Cows with Calf

Highland Cows with Calf

Black and White Gypsy Cob

Black and White Gypsy Cob Impatience Equine Style

Impatience Equine Style

Fireweed Meadow Diptych-01

Fireweed Meadow Diptych-01

Jersey Cows x3-01

Jersey Cows x3-01

Welsh Mule Sheep-01

Welsh Mule Sheep-01

Primrose, Toggenberg with Kids

Primrose, Toggenberg with Kids

Speedwell Meadow-01

Speedwell Meadow-01

Tranquil Meadow-01

Tranquil Meadow-01 Dancing Meadow-01

Dancing Meadow-01

Jack Russell-01

Jack Russell-01 5 Acre Meadow-01

5 Acre Meadow-01



Bluebell diptych-B

Bluebell diptych-B

Bluebell diptych-B

Fireweed in Meadow-L

Daisies in Wild Flower Meadow-03L

Bluebell diptych

Bluebell diptych Fireweed in Meadow-L

Fireweed in Meadow-R

Fireweed in Meadow-R Daisies in Wild Flower Meadow-03L

Daisies in Wild Flower Meadow-01

Daisies in Wild Flower Meadow-01

Stallion Mare and Foal-01

Stallion Mare and Foal-01

Welsh Mountain Pony with Mare and Foal-01

Welsh Mountain Pony with Mare and Foal-01


Shadows-Woman & Shopping Bags-01

The Tree of Life

End Game

Pen&Ink Llanarthne Church-01



Still Life with egg cups and beads-1

Brecon Wellington Statue-01

On Reflection


Llanelli-St Elli Parish Church-01

Nude-leaning back-001-in Graphite

Celtic Circle-Dawn-05


Looking Out-01

Triptych-Tree Bark-Tri Bach

Yellow Lichen-in oil

Organic Female-01


Mare with Foal and Horse Grazing

Young Welsh Mountain Ponies-01

Llanelli Town Hall-01



Welsh Limousin Cattle in Blue

Celtic Sunrise

Welsh sheep farmer mounted

Devil's Bridge



Promenade 2010

Welsh Mountain Ponies01B

Welsh Mountain Ponies01A

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Mare with Foal and Horse GrazingWelsh Limousin Cattle in BlueMeadow-02Meadow-01Horses At Sunset-01Llanelli-St Elli Parish Church-01Llanelli Town Hall-01Brecon Wellington Statue-01Triptych-Tree Bark-Tri BachCeltic Circle Dawn 05Horses-Sunrise-01Young Welsh Mountain Ponies-01NextBackShadows-Woman&shopping_bagsOrganic Female-01Pen&Ink_Llanarthne_Church01Promenade 2010Welsh Mountain Ponies01BWelsh Mountain Ponies01AThe Tree of LifeStill Life with egg cups and beads-1Welsh sheep farmer mountedBluebell diptych-AEnd GameYellow Lichen-in oilOn ReflectionNude-leaning back-001-in GraphiteLooking Out-01Devil's BridgeCEM-Black-White-006CEM-Black-White-005CEM-Black-White-004CEM-Black-White-003CEM-Black-White-002CEM-Black-White-001Celtic Sunrise

Prancing Gypsy Cob