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Patricia Bullen-Whatling © 2009-2015 . Links | Terms & Conditions | Search the site

The Tale Of The Little Black Pony

- This is an engaging and memorable tale about your child, your grandchild, your niece, nephew or even your friend's children -

This beautifully illustrated book contains only my own artwork, much of it created especially for this edition. It could be read to children from about age 4 up and be read by older children up to about 11 or 12. If you provide from one to four names to be featured; the first as the hero, The Little Black Pony, and the others as her or his best friends I’ll incorporate them in the story.

Some of my artwork from which individual images were taken.

*The plot*

The Little Black Pony is born high up on the slopes of the green-sided Brecon Beacons in Wales and is very much loved by his (or her) mother, a beautiful white mare, and father, a handsome golden stallion, but things go wrong when rustlers arrive in the dark one night to take them all off the hill.

Through the bravery of the golden stallion all the horses escape but the Little Black Pony runs away in panic. The next morning it finds itself in the seemingly grey and hostile streets of Brecon town with all it’s people, cars and noise. Even when it discovers a kind of sanctury in the flower-filled back gardens it’s so exhausted that even the big flowers there seem strange and frightening!

Things start to improve though when The Little Black Pony meets a new friend, a confident little hedgehog, hardly older or more experienced than she (or he), but together they undertake the long journey up into the hills.

*The characters*

The Little Black Pony meets three young friends, a hedgehog, a puppy and a red squirrel. These, together, make up the four characters whose names can be replaced by up to four names of your choice - or, maybe, even your child’s and three pets? Or buy it changing just one name or even none at all.

These books, after the prize-winner’s copy is sent out, will be made available for sale on a strictly 'first-come-first-served' basis.

As all the hardback covers are hand-made by me, and the pages are all ‘sewn’ in by hand using colourful ribbon, every copy is unique and takes time and care to produce and is likely to become a treasured familiy ‘heirloom’.

If you would like to see a copy on your coffee table it’s a good idea to get your name as high up the list as quickly as you can by ordering now.

Of course, if you purchase a copy and then win the linked competition I’ll be delighted to refund the price you’ve paid for one copy of the book + £5.00 postage (which is all you should have to pay in the UK) and I’ll do this automatically, you won’t have claim a ‘cash-back’ or anything silly like that.

And if you have any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to email them to me (see the Contact Me link at the top of the page) and I’ll answer them as quickly and fully as I can. After the competion closes the book should still remain available as a hardback, handmade, personalised thing of beauty.

With my kindest regards,


Patricia Bullen-Whating BA Fine Art (Hons)

* non-UK orders might be possible but only in the English language and extra carriage will possibly apply.

*A note on Reading Ages:*

The language used in this story is moderately simple and the story itself is very gentle. It’s a kind of ‘Black Beauty/Bambi’, sad and quite tense in places but overwhelmingly heartwarming - a story that even adults will likely adore and not groan when they’re asked to read it - for the forty-ninth time!

I always liked to read my own children stories that had, at least, some words in them that were unfamiliar - and they enjoyed using them in school the very next day! As both my children later graduated from university with First Class Honours degrees it seems likely that it was an approach that worked! (Yes, I’m a proud artist-mum!).

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