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Limited Edition Pre-Register

This form does NOT commit you to placing an order but will form the basis of a 'first come first served' queue, and also permits you to request any serial number that you’d like on your print.

I can’t guarantee you’ll get the number you’re interested in (you might be 2nd or 10th to register your interest) but if you are first you will be offered your choice first. Official Launch from 19th March!

The Limited Edition Prints Available.

Print No 1.

“Impatience Equine Style”

20” x 16” @ £110

Print No 2.

“Prancing Gypsy Cob”

18” x 18” @ £110

Chris J...

“We first ordered a print of Pat's Meadow painting which arrived in good time in a stout cardboard tube but unfortunately it was damaged because the tube had been bent whilst in transit by the GPO.

When we informed Pat, she immediately offered a replacement or a complete refund of all we'd paid but we asked if we could perhaps offset it against the original painting instead.

Not only did she agree on the spot but she then delivered it to us personally.

We are delighted with the painting which now has pride of place in our hall.

The summery scene lifts us -particularly on dull weather days!”

Wendy D...

“When arranging a colleague's retirement celebration I wanted to give him something really special. As a Welshman, who loves Welsh Mountain Ponies, an original painting seemed the perfect answer and I found exactly what I was looking for on an art site in the USA.

When I tracked down the artist I found she (Pat) was based in Wales and, even though it was short notice, she got the beautiful painting to me efficiently and in good time.

My colleague loves his painting and thought we had chosen well.”


"I first met Pat at one of her exhibitions and now have two of her works hanging proudly on my stairs. I collected the first from her own home but she delivered the second to me personally and actually hung it for me too. Every time we meet we hug as we are now friends and I keep looking at all the space I've got to hang more!

As always your artwork brings immense pleasure to me!"

Sgt. Joe W...

"Last Christmas I bought my Mum one of Pat's works and my Mum loved it so much I'm getting another one for her this Christmas. I think my Mum already knows.”

Pat Bullen-Whatling Gallery . . . . . . . . Register your interest in my Limited Edition Prints

I only NEED your email address, but the more I know the better I can help you get that print you want . . .

Email Address *
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Do you own any of my art yet?

Tell me briefly what interests you.
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Print 2-How many copies might you want?
Do you have a specific serial number you're interested in?

Enter up to 3 numbers as: 24, 63, 200 (fav. first)

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The Limited Edition Prints Free Bonuses.

Please note these are only avilable during the launch period - 19th March to 9th April 2017

Any prints not sold will still be available but without the Free Bonuses.