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I’d like to offer you a Free gift but it’s Time Limited!

On Easter Day - 1st April 2018 it closes.

We all, I suspect, have a “Loved Ones’ calendar”. You know, for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, House-warmings, even Retirements etc. and might I suggest you take a quick peek now to see if any of the pieces I’m offering here might form a wonderfully unusual and meaningful gift for someone?

You could choose one or more of my 6” Slate Hearts.  If you’d like an example of a breed;  for example ‘a Beagle’ they are brilliant value, but even if you opt for a portrait of your very own or your loved one’s pet (which understandably takes me a lot longer to paint) it still makes an affordable but very special gift.

If, on the other hand, flowers are more your thing then, when you order today, simply tell me what type of flowers you’d like to see on your slate heart - or you can choose either or both of my gorgeous wildflower meadow prints (see below).

** Just three of the delightful responses I receive almost daily! **

My Special Subscribers Only Offer To You.

As my ‘Thank You’ I will check the value of any of these items you order (*you can adjust your quantities when you reach my Shopping Cart page) and for every full £10 your bill comes to I will include, completely Free of charge, my current favourites amongst my Wildflower Meadow greetings cards.  

So, if your order comes to less than £20 you’ll still see I still include one card with your order.  

If you spend £40 I’ll include four cards, and so on, up to 12 Free Cards worth £36  

My cards are printed on rich, glossy card to emphasise their vibrant colours and they come with a white envelope and ‘cellophane’ slip cover.  At A5 format (folded A4) there’s plenty of room to write your message inside.


On Easter Day - 1st April 2018 it closes.

Why not tell your friends about me? Your friend’s privacy is totally assured because the email opens in the privacy of your own email software and I won’t know.

Mail:'s an artist I'm currently following and I think you'd love her&body=Hi,

I've been following the work of the artist Patricia (Pat) Bullen-Whatling who creates in a very wide range of styles and I think you'd love her work too.

If you'd like to receive her occasional newsletters, as I do now, just post the link below into your browser and it only takes a couple of seconds to arrange and you can instantly unsubscribe if ever you decide to.

I hope you don't mind me recommending Pat's work but I do think there's a chance you'd love it.

Kindest regards.


Do remember to replace the ‘place-holder’ email address in the To: box

with your friend’s real email address & you can change all the content as you wish!

above Hand Painted Wildflower Meadows on 6” Slate Hearts

Slate Hearts

above Hand Painted Examples of a Breed on 6” Slate Hearts

Slate Hearts

above Hand Painted Portraits of Your Own Pet on 6” Slate Hearts

Make your selection below and then, when you reach your Shopping Cart,  tell me exactly what you’d like the subject matter to be in the box marked ‘Add Message’ - “A meadow slate heart showing Bluebells please!” or “A slate heart showing a brindle Staffy!”

If you want a pet portrait place your order now and send me a photo.

Slate Hearts

Contact me by clicking below . . .

You’ll be able to choose to phone, text or email me.

Contact Me

So how do I order?

above 5 Acre Wildflower Meadow in 12” x 10” Mount

above Speedwell Meadow-01 in 12” x 10” Mount

above Gloucester Old Spot Pigs in 12” x 10” Mount

above Sheep Trio-01 in 12” x 10” Mount

above Cock and Three Hens in 12” x 10” Mount

above Jersey Cow Trio in 12” x 10” Mount

above Stallion Mare and Foal in 12” x 10” Mount

above Young Welsh Mountain Ponies-01 in 12” x 10” Mount

If you have any questions please ask!

Contact me by clicking below . . .

Though my special offer is limited to these products you are not!

If you’d like to ask about a commission of any type you can do that here.

Contact Me

But keep this page open!

My apologies for the slightly crooked shots here. I was attempting to avoid glare on these already packaged prints.

Their colours are brighter too when they are unpacked.  They just drop into any easily obtainable 12” x 10” frame which can be very, very cheap or as expensive as you like.

Thanks for reading and thank you again for signing up to follow me through my newsletters . . . and don’t forget you can always download my Free art book ‘Cariad’ by visiting my home page and clicking on the image of it there.

Kindest regards,


Patricia Bullen-Whatling

artist,  Llandeilo, west Wales.

Late Spring, painting in my own garden.