contemporary and fine art

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Gallery Choices For Artworks:

Take a look through the Eclectic Gallery it’s a great way to get a quick feel for my work. The six galleries that follow it are explained by their titles and contain specialised subsets. Each individual artwork page provides a clickable image of the original work, some popular sizes of fine-art prints (others are normally available) and any greetings cards based on that work.

Eclectic-01 Textured Work-01 Black & White Paintings-01 Paintings-01 Pen & Ink-01

The eclectic gallery

Textured Work


Black & White Paintings

Pen & Ink Street Scenes

Digital & Photographic

Specialist Galleries below

Digital & Photographic Pencil Sketches

Pencil Sketches

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FREE Download - “Cariad – An Encyclopedia of My Life : My Art”